Custom Low Moq Blank Sublimation Printed Gamer Extended Large Rgb Mouse Pads


Custom Low Moq  Blank Sublimation Printed Gamer Extended Large Rgb Mouse Pads

1. Is the mouse pad thicker the better?

There is a strange image in the domestic mouse pad market. The thicker the mouse pad of the same model, the better the sales.

Under the same surface technology, the thicker the foam layer pad is, the more astringent it is, and the thicker mouse pad has a higher edge and is easier to cut the arm. Especially the mouse pad of the same model like Swordsman offers a variety of thicknesses. If you are looking for the ultimate smoothness, you must choose the thinnest one. Don't blindly pursue "solid materials".

But it is not to say that thick cushions are not good, and according to your actual situation, if the desktop you usually use is flat enough or if you want a smooth feeling, it is better to recommend a thin cushion.

2 Is the life of the cloth mat really long?

This problem can be said to be yes or it can be said to be no, because different understandings of the life of mats have different understandings of the life of cloth mats.

Woven cloth pads are different from coated pads and resin pads, and there will be a great difference in hand feeling after the coating is worn out. The difference in the hand feel of the woven cloth pad after wear is small, but it does not mean that the woven cloth pad will not wear out. Even the fiber layer will polish the woven fiber due to friction in use, resulting in a change in hand feel. The life span of the woven mat is generally 6 months to one year, but there are also special fibers woven such as CD-35, which can keep the hand feeling unchanged for 5 years.

Some people are sensitive to changes in the feel of the woven cloth pad, and some are not. Therefore, for users with high requirements on the feel, it is recommended to change the mouse pad once a year or so.

3.How else will the feel of the mouse pad be affected?

The feel of the mouse pad will not only be affected by the craftsmanship and the degree of wear, but also by the material of the foot patch, the area of the foot patch, the mouse chassis design and the weather.

Needless to say, the foot patch is smooth, the small foot patch is smooth and the big toe patch is stable. The mouse chassis design will also affect the sliding feeling to a certain extent. Just like when I evaluated the rival310, the cavity chassis of the rival310 easily produces a feeling of sucking the chassis when it moves quickly on the fine woven cloth pad and the coated pad.

4.How much influence does the mouse pad have on the feel?

Strictly speaking, the mouse pad has only 60~70% of the impact on the feel, and the rest is in the matching of the mouse foot stickers.

Generally speaking, the small foot sticker has better smoothness and better startability, but the thick woven pad and the resin pad have a bad use experience, and it does not feel slippery when moving, while the big foot sticker is just the opposite.

Tiger charms have a rich variety of foot stickers, including super slippery and astringent foot stickers. If you use the super slippery foot patch with your own vulcanized pad, you can well improve the startability and the lack of direction change ability of the Golden Crow pro. If you use an astringent foot sticker and a resin pad, you can improve the handling of the resin pad. So how to find a suitable foot patch depends on whether you can find a suitable match.

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